The Stankowscy-Białach dental office is a place where patients receive comprehensive dental care. The services offered by this office cover many areas of dentistry, including: prophylaxis, orthodontics, prosthetics, surgery and much more.

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Services – characteristics

In the dental office, patients can take advantage of many services, such as:

  • Dental examinations: The dentist performs an initial oral examination to assess the condition of the teeth, gums and the entire oral cavity. Based on these tests, he may recommend further treatment.
  • Root canal treatment Poznan: in case of tooth infection, the dentist may recommend root canal treatment, which is the removal of dead tissue and bacteria from the inside of the tooth to prevent infection.
  • Removal of teeth Poznan: in the case of damaged teeth, wisdom teeth or other problems, the dentist may recommend their removal.
  • Treatment of periodontitis: For gum disease, such as periodontal disease, your dentist can provide treatment to prevent further tissue damage.
  • Prosthetics Poznan: in the event of tooth loss, the dentist may recommend dentures, bridges or implants to restore the function and appearance of the teeth.
  • Orthodontics Poznan: in the event of improper alignment of the teeth or jaw, the dentist may recommend braces to correct their position.
  • Teeth whitening: In case of tooth discoloration, the dentist can perform a teeth whitening treatment to restore their natural color.
  • Aesthetic dentistry Poznan: in the case of an unattractive smile, the dentist can perform dental procedures, such as veneers, to improve the appearance of the teeth.

The dental office usually employs specialists in various fields of dentistry, which allows for a comprehensive approach to treatment and patient care. An important aspect of dental care is also preventive care, which includes regular check-ups, removal of tartar, fluoridation of teeth and education of patients in the field of oral hygiene.