Dental diagnostics is the process of evaluating and analyzing the patient’s oral health. This is a key stage that allows the dentist to establish an accurate diagnosis and plan appropriate treatment. It includes a variety of procedures to understand the condition of the mouth, teeth, gums, mucosa and other anatomical structures.

Diagnostics – what does it include?

  1. Clinical study. The dentist conducts a thorough examination of the oral cavity, paying attention to the condition of the teeth, gums, tongue, palate and mucous membranes. During the examination, the presence of tartar, bacterial plaque, cavities, the condition of fillings and crowns, as well as the presence of any pathological changes are assessed.
  2. Dental radiography. X-rays (e.g. periapical, pantomographic, or computed tomography) make it possible to visualize intraoral structures, such as tooth roots, the condition of the jaw and mandible bones, or the presence of possible pathological changes.
  3. Occlusal examination. Assessment of tooth contact as well as chewing and occlusion function. In order to improve the occlusion, it is sometimes necessary to make appropriate corrections.
  4. Gum examination. Assessment of the condition of the gums to detect periodontal diseases (e.g. gingivitis, periodontitis). Pocket depth measurement is often used to assess gum health.
  5. Diagnostic tests. In some cases, when the presence of bacterial infections is suspected, microbiological tests are performed that allow the identification of specific bacteria and their sensitivity to drugs.
  6. Diagnostics of pathological conditions. The dentist identifies and evaluates various pathological conditions, such as neoplastic lesions, ulcers, cysts and tumors.

Dental diagnostics is an extremely important process, because a precise diagnosis allows for proper implementation of appropriate treatment and avoiding further complications. Regular visits to the dentist allow for early detection of possible problems and maintaining oral health at an appropriate level.

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